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Through my time in Scouting I have learned that sustainable membership growth comes from local unit buy in. For the last  several years teams I have led have successfully used the "Membership Menu" approach which involves meeting with each unit to develop a plan that meets their local needs.  Other membership highlights include: 

  •  Working with volunteers to grow membership through new initiatives including an organized effort to use geofencing and targeted social media ad buys in key growth areas.                                                  

  • Embraced and presented the ScoutsBSA membership changes leading to 10 new female troops in 2019.  I personally conducted informational meetings in each district.                                                                                                       

  • While serving as Sr. DE and District Director, established partnerships with the local city school district and housing authority, organizing Cub Scout Packs in five elementary school, and increasing membership in the inner city from 390 in 2000 to 835 in 2004.                                                                        

  • Has successfully re-engaged with several school districts to help foster relationships and recruiting.  These efforts include personally recruiting a school superintendent to serve as the Council Membership Chair.   Below is a link to a joint presentation we  presented at our area membership planning summit.

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