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As ASE for Operations I am responsible for:

camping and program, retail sales, property management, registration services, program support, and staffing.

  • I am responsible for 6 council camping properties which generated $2,680,000 in revenues in 2023 and is on track to repeat in 2024.

  • I developed and implemented a strategy to overhaul the management of Heritage Scout Reservation. This effort has allowed resources to be reallocated to program delivery.

  • I supervise 3 retail locations with total revenues of $496,000.  I helped transition our point of sales to Black Pug making it easier to track inventory and unit accounts. 

  • I provide leadership to our efforts to recapture units that camp out of Council.  So far "Camp A Palooza"  and "Call To Camp" have led to 9 units, representing 200 Scouts,  committing to a 4 year trial run at Heritage Scout Reservation.

  •  $1,440,000 worth of capital projects across 6 camps and 3 Council offices over the last 2 years.

  • In 2023, I started a  project with the Risk Management Committee to visit all council properties and review insurances to ensure correct coverages are being applied.

  • Currently working to team up with a vendor to overhaul  our PA clearance tracking.

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